Soybean Oil Production Line

Features:For soybean oil prodcution, there are several different methods , Here we introduce soybean oil plant with three main soybean oil production process: Pretreat

For soybean oil prodcution, there are several different methods , Here we introduce soybean oil plant with three main soybean oil production process: Pretreatment – oil extraction- oil refining technology.
Because oil contain of soybean is low , to press soybean as traditional technology with 6% oil residue inside cake is not recommended . Our technology is to treat first soybean seeds without pressing ,extract oil and refining , which is more advanced and oil residue inside meal only 0.7%.

Soybean oil machine

1.Soybean oil Pretreatment 

First, to clean impurities , metallic , small stones etc. inside raw seeds

Pre-treatment process feature:

                 Vibrating Screen                           Destoner

Second, to crush raw soybean into 6-8pieces and soften soybean pieces

                     Crushing machine                       Softening kettle

Third, to flake soybean into thin pieces (about 0.3mm), easier for extraction and to dry the flaked pieces.

                    Flaking machine                            Plate drier

2. Soybean oil extraction

First, using N-hexane to extract oil from cake inside oil extractor and evaporating solvent from mixed oil

                        Oil extractor              Muti-effective evaporator

Second,after extractor, using desolventizer to dry wet meal which contains solvent and using condensers to recover solvent

                        Desolventizer                          Condensers

3. Soybean oil refining

Soybean oil production process of oil refining includes : degumming, deacidification ,decoloration and deodorization, which can be used for other cooking oil refining too.

         Degumming & Deacidification                        Decoloration
                    Deodorization                     Oil refining plant


1.Services before sale

  – If you want to know soybean oil plant cost, please contact us now and we will give you quotation with details.
– If you have two or three different raw seeds to produce, we will design for you a reasonable plant for producing them together in order to save you total investment.
– If you have no idea about the capacity, note us your raw seeds and estimated budget, we will design for you.
– Ask inquiry now , we will response you in the hour and provide free quotation with details
– Quickly to customize your own oil plant, just one email to note us what type of raw seeds and how many tons per day, we will give you reasonable oil making machine combination with good price.

2. Services after sale

– We offer turnkey project including oil factory layout design, , oil machines installation ,commissioning and testing until start-up
– Free training workers during installation periods.
–All our engineers for oversea services are professional , good at mechanics and electrics.
–Warranty period: 12 month after start-up

Professional Advice

Please kindly inform us your required daily capacity, treated quantity, raw material, covering space and related data,so that we can make flow chart production line for you as your requirement. QIE machinery will stand at your point to suggest low cost and suitable production line for you. Sincerely want to cooperate with you.